What is a Catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is an emissions control device installed in the exhaust system of a vehicle. Its primary function is to reduce the harmful pollutants emitted by the engine before they are released into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter works through a chemical reaction that occurs inside its core.

Inside the catalytic converter, there are two main components: a catalyst and a substrate. The catalyst is typically made of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These metals act as catalysts, promoting chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. The substrate is a ceramic or metallic structure with a large surface area that supports the catalyst. If you find any issue in your Catalytic converter you need to change it immediately. Catalytic converter price Hollywood can vary according to your vehicle needs. It can range from $300 – $1,650

When do you need to change the Catalytic converter?

  1. Check Engine Light: If the check engine light illuminates on your vehicle’s dashboard and the diagnostic code indicates a catalytic converter-related issue, it may be necessary to replace the converter.
  2. Reduced Engine Performance: A failing catalytic converter can cause a decrease in engine performance, such as sluggish acceleration, difficulty in reaching higher speeds, or overall poor engine power.
  3. Increased Emissions: If your vehicle fails an emissions test or you notice an increase in the emission of pollutants, it could be an indication that the catalytic converter is no longer effectively reducing harmful emissions.
  4. Rattling or Rumbling Noises: A damaged or failing catalytic converter can produce unusual noises, such as rattling or rumbling sounds, often caused by a broken or loose internal substrate.

Get help from professionals to get quality Catalytic converter replacement and repair services

When it comes to catalytic converter replacement and repair services, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from professionals. By choosing professional services, you can ensure that you receive high-quality and reliable solutions for your vehicle’s catalytic converter needs. King Mufflers Hollywood offers the best quality exhaust and muffler services.  Contact King Muffler Repair at (954) 275-7643. Trust our team for quality services.

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